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Complimentary Boat


Shuttle Between:


Charlestown Marina  1 8th st. Charlestown

New St. East Boston Docks  | 6 New Street

Lewis Wharf  1 East Pier Drive, East Boston

Fan Pier  | Coming Soon Summer 2023

Hours of Operation:



Hours of Operation, weather pending

Monday - Wednesday closed

Thursdays - Sundays: closed


Pick Up / Drop Off Locations:  


Powered by Boston Launch Company

new launch map.jpg

Boston Launch Company (BLC) began its free boat shuttle service in the summer of 2017. There are two launch boats currently operating in Boston Harbor, Be Right Back and Swift.  BLC connects the vibrant neighborhoods of East Boston and Charlestown's Navy Yard transporting over 50,000 people per year.

The mission of Boston Launch Company is to make the Boston Harbor more accessible to all of Boston's residents and visitors.

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